Thursday, April 19, 2012


Guilt is the worst emotion you could ever feel.

It closes around you, everywhere you go, like the devil himself is hovering around your back.

Travis Warner had been with the devil for a year now.

He stared at the perfectly white, stainless wall for a long time, just sitting by himself and wondered where his life would lead. He’d been always; night and day, day and night. He’d never questioned or complained about it, because it was his fault she was here in the first place. In this unremarkable place where everywhere you turn, all you can see is sickening white. 

But she doesn’t belong here. She belongs to the world outside. He should be with her, they should be exploring the delights of the world together – the colorful bright world that held so much promise for the two of them.

But she isn’t. She’s here; confused, scared and all alone.

Just because of his one, simple mistake.

No one wished more than Travis did, that he could’ve done things differently If only he hadn’t committed that one mistake that forever changed his life. And destroyed hers. The love of his life. He’d been ridiculed with frustration, anger, guilt and deep sadness. The accusing stares from everyone left him with scars that he knew would never heal.

But as time passed, the only the guilt and the sadness remained with him. Never leaving, always there. He’d been left to battle his own demons since that night, long ago.

Everyday, every single day, he wished, he prayed and he hoped. But none of it was enough even as he pledged that he would do everything and anything he could – even turn back time – just to have his love back.

To have Avery safe, whole and back to her own mind.

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