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Chapter 9: Unfair

Chapter 9: Unfair (Wattpad)

Oh, Sweet Jesus Christ. That experience was so scary, so freaky and oh, God, it was impossible. Maybe it wasn’t time travel or dimension. It has to be a medical problem. That’s it, that’s the answer - either a glitch on his brain or a glitch on mine. But it’s more probable that he’s the one who has the problem. Brain tumor? Unbearable stress? Or possibly, it could be in his genes. Who knows, right? Maybe I should check with some books at home – 

“Earth to Avery. Are you going to tell us what the bloody hell happened or should burgers come plying at you?” My ears heard Cassie saying.

I looked at my friends with my eyes unfocused, “Huh?” Lexi looked at me weirdly  and then slowly said, “Ave, you were, uhm, mumbling about tumors and genes and you were saying ‘Jesus Christ’ over and over.”

Theresa touched my shoulder, “I think you study too much. It’s better if you give yourself a break. If you don’t, we’re all going to steal your notes and your Bio book.

Bio book.



Oh, God. I can’t.

“Avery, you look very pale.” Edward was facing me with a concerned look on his face and Nicole piped up, “You didn’t even touch your lunch. You should eat.” If I do that, I’ll most likely throw up. I don’t even know why I brought food with me in the first place. 

“Avery.” Cassie said in a tone that clearly says that she is serious, “We want to know what happened. Do you know that when I walked with you out of your classroom, you were saying creepy stuff under your breath like, dimensions and what was it? I forgot the other one.”

“Time travel?” I supplied lifelessly.

“Yep. Time travel. Care to explain about that, honey?”

I sighed and faced all of them, “You’d think I’m crazy.” Lexi answered, “We’re kind of expecting that from the way you’re acting just now.” then she took a bite of her apple.

“Well?” Theresa urged.

I bit my lip, “Today on Bio, we were having genetics and I…” 

“Let me guess, it’s about Travis.” Edward said.

I nodded and said faintly, “Yes, it’s about Warner.” 

“What about the spoiled git?” Case asked.

“He asked me for a favor.” An impossible, crazy one.

“What favor?”

“I…I don’t want to talk about it! It’s so creepy and funny – ”

“Creepy and funny?” Lexi asked.

“Avery, you’re worrying me.” Nicole patted my hand.

“I know! It’s fine, you guys. It’s fine. I’ll be completely normal.” None of them looked convinced. 

“Oh, look. He’s here.”

At what Nicole said, my head involuntarily turned to the entrance of the cafeteria and oh no. He is here. While he was looking around for some place to sit, he was totally oblivious to the girls swooning over him just nearby and to me hating him. I hate those designer shoes and those capri pants. I hate that snug turtleneck. And I really hate those – 

“Ave, if looks could kill, he would’ve been buried by now.” Wha – What did she say?

“Sorry, Case. I didn’t catch that one.” She sighed and rolled her eyes, “I said, if looks could kill, Warner would be absolutely – ”

“Is it me ever-helpful eyes or is he making his way here? And I mean here, here, on our table.” Oh, no. I can’t be that doomed for a single day, can’t I? 

“I don’t think it’s your eyes, Lexi.” said Edward.

“I think I have nausea,” I said to all of them as I started grabbing my bag, “I need to go to the bathroom, I really don’t feel well – ”

“Ave, you never get nausea.” Theresa complained.

“Maybe it’s cancer, not nausea.” I started getting up, “I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. I need to get the hell the hell out of – ”

“Hi, Avery.”

“ – here.” I finished faintly, dropping back to my seat. Oh, no. What the bloody hell is he doing?! I lifted my eyes to him and said quietly, “Hi, Travis.” He winked in response, complete with a killer smile and faced my friends, “Can I steal Avery for just one second?” No way.

“Uhm, you see, Avery was just telling us something important.” Nicole said nicely, as always. Travis raised both of her eyebrows, “Really? I wonder what it is.” He looked at me and although he was smiling, the message was crystal clear: Don’t you dare.

I said, “Yes, and it’s somewhat private, so if you don’t mind, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Oh, that’s cool. I’ll just see you around, ‘kay?” What? He’s just going to let the opportunity slip like that? He’s way too cunning for that – something’s fishy. I replied nervously, “Thanks.” He was just turning around when he seemed to remember something.

“Oh, right.” He faced Ed, “Bailey and Tolland wants to play ball. You wanna come?” What?

“Sure, that’s cool. What time?” Ed replied.

“No idea. You’ll have to ask them.” 

“Yeah, thanks.” Edward nodded. The bane of my existence smiled then looked at me and I should’ve – oh, no. He’s looking at me with that gleam in his eyes and I knew instantly that he thinks he won me over. I stared at him and then flickered my gaze to Ed discreetly.

He’s blackmailing me! Stupid, dirty, prick!

“See you later, Avery.” He walked away as Lexi whistled low, “That was weird, though I must say he looks better up close.” I paid them no attention as I groaned loudly. Oh, God. I can’t do this anymore. He is so evil.

“Avery? What’s wrong? I think that went well.” I heard Nicole say. Then Theresa said next, “Ave? You’re on another planet again.”

My mind slipped away as I considered my options. So the bane of my existence needs assistance – bloody assistance – and I don’t cooperate he’ll go psycho on me. So what the bloody hell should I do? Jesus Christ.

Option one – don’t agree. I bit my lip at the thought. Don’t agree option equals to rifts in friendship, so no. My friends are everything to me, and I won’t rock to boat. Agree? Oh, God. I can’t even think of the endless things that option would imply. I just can’t, it’s unbearable. 

How about the double-cross him option? I pursed my lips.

That would be evil.

But he is evil, too! This is his entire fault; he made sure that I have no escape and have no more options. He is such a motherfu –

“Avery!” Cassie shook my shoulders, “Can you hear a word I’m saying here?”

“Yes, of course!” I replied hastily. She arched her brow, “What was I saying just now, then?”

“You asked me if I could hear a word you’re saying.”

“And before that?”

Cassie just won’t quit, aaargh. I took a wild guess and threw caution to the winds, “You were interrogating me about what happened with me and Travis.” She was just opened her mouth to respond when Theresa attacked me first with a bewildered gaze. 

“Since when do you call the bane of your existence by his first name?”


They’re looking at me weirdly right now, like they’re waiting for an impending storm. Their stares have so much intensity that their anticipation was almost tangible. I could feel it.

“Why the hell are you all looking at me like that?”

“Avery,” Lexi said with exasperation, “Just answer the question for the sake of our peace of mind.” They had me cornered. All of them. What the bloody hell should I say?! Panic rose through me as I considered my options for the second time, super fast. Don’t agree – impossible. The truth? Not bloody likely. He, Travis – I mean the bane of my existence – he will kill me and right after my parents chose an epitaph he’s going to tell Ed.

Double-cross him option – I have no idea! But that thought of doing something that bad to someone is just…wrong! It’s not me! And I bloody well can’t do it.

Oh, no. No, no, no. This is bad. This is very bad.

I need to use my evil side in this situation, damn it! Why do I feel bad, anyway? I really can’t take this.

I faced my friends, meeting their gazes with what I hope is a convincing face, “The thing is…maybe I don’t really hate the Boy E – I’m not saying I like him!” I added hastily, seeing their expressions, “It’s just that he’s been nice sometimes and maybe it’s not really good to feel hate and he’s been okay lately and…stuff.”

They didn’t seem convinced. Edward said, “But just a while ago, you acted really…odd.”

Lexi couldn’t even sit straight, “Ed meant that you had sudden cancer and nausea when he went here and what about the favor? Why did he want to talk to you?”

I just answered one question and they fire me with dozens of others! This is just madness – 

“Avery, spill. Now.” Cassie said and I knew in an instant that her patience is running out. She wants to find out what’s going on, right this second. I took a deep breath and said the unbelievable.

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