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Chapter 5: No escape

Chapter 5: No escape (Wattpad)

I’m not going to attend the bloody Masquerade ball. No way.

“Did you see those shoes? They’re so perfect and…okay, I’ll buy them.” 

Lexi nodded, “They look good on you, Cole.”

“Yeah,” Cassie said, “And this dress just hates me. Well, I hate you, too.” She said as she chucked the purple strapless dress back to a basket. 

We’re inside a shop called ‘Perfect Fit’ and it’s kind of early to go dress-hunting for the ball that’s weeks away, but Cassie and the others don’t want to be with the tsunami crowd to buy. And honestly, neither do I. We heard the sound of a door opening from the dressing room and Theresa stepped out. 

“Ta-da!” she said, “Well, should I get it?”

Is that even a question? She looks amazing! The contrast between her white skin and the black of the dress she picked is really, really good. And it brings out her brown eyes and wavy hair, as well.

“My friend,” Cassie stepped forward, “I won’t ever forgive you if you don’t get that dress right now.” Theresa laughed aloud, “Thank you, Case.” Then she went back to the dressing room. Lexi turned to me; she already picked a dress out for herself, complete with matching shoes and jewelry. She said, “How about you, Ave?” 

“I don’t think I’m going.”

“What?” she said disbelievingly. “Did I hear that right?”

“Yes, you did.”

Nicole and Cassie immediately joined us, sitting directly in front of me. Cassie looked stern, “Aver Jacob Allton.”

“Uhm, Case? If you don’t mind – ”

“All the seniors and juniors are coming.”

“Not all, I think.”

Nicole said, “Don’t you think you should come? It would be fun, I’m sure.”
“No, it’s okay. Really.” I added, because the three of them still looked unconvinced. Cassie didn’t give up – I knew she wouldn’t – and asked me, “Give me three good reasons why you’re not attending and they better convince me.” I felt my shoulders slump at her words. “Nothing would convince you, Case.”

“I know. I just want to hear why you don’t want to come.”

I sighed and fixed the three of them with a look, “Okay, for one thing, I’m not a party girl – ”

“Neither am I,” Nicole shrugged, “But I figured why not?”

“She does have a point,” Lexi added, “And as much as I want to sit on the couch for twenty-four hours, I thought a teeny little ball wouldn’t hurt.” 

I pursed my lips and said, “Well, you two – actually all of you – you all have dates to go with and I figured if I showed up alone, they would probably ask me to serve punch or something.”

I saw their faces dawn in realization. Nicole would be going with the obvious, Edward. Cassie is with Chase Evans – they’re not technically together but they hang out. Lexi’s going with Ben. Ben really likes her, but I really think that she’s just giving him a chance out of pity. And Theresa’s going with someone. Though she wouldn’t tell us who, even with all the tickling involved in the interrogation.

And then there’s me.

“Ave…” Nicole said, biting her lip, “We could always ask someone, you know.”

“Don’t. It’s okay. I’ll be with my parents on that night.”

“Come on, Ave. Let’s just give it a shot.” Lexi urged.

“Really. I don’t need a bloody ball. Or prom. Or whatever the hell it is.”
Cassie didn’t throw off her jokes and her lopsided smile is now gone. She looked at me straight in the eye and said, “We could always go as a group. I’ll tell Chase I can’t go with him.”

My heart melted at what she said. Having Cassie at your side gives you priceless things.

“I’ll ditch Ben, too. I don’t like him, anyway.” Lexi added, for good measure.

Nicole shrugged her shoulders, “Ed wouldn’t mind me going with all of you. He’ll understand.”

These are the reason why I come to school five times in a week without fail. Nothing can ever replace my friends.

“I’ll think about it. Thanks, guys.” I gave them a warm smile.

“Sure, anytime.” Lexi said, giving a smile in return. Nicole stood up, “I’ll help Theresa with her dress. She’s been there forever…” her voice trailed off as she walked away.

I faced Cassie, “You can’t ditch Ben for me. He might get the wrong idea.”

“If he does, then he doesn’t know me at all. You’re more important, anyway.” She winked at me. “And how was Bio today?”


Images from earlier in the day passed before my eyes and annoyance stabbed at me.

“I wish he rots in hell.”

“Your Bio teacher?” her brow creased, “I thought it was a ‘she’?”

“Not her. It’s Warner.”

“Oh, not again. What does he need from you? He’s already the most popular guy in the world, thank you very much – ”

“I know! It’s infuriating! He’s like an equation I can’t solve and pesters me all the bloody time. Infuriating.”

“There’s no equation you can’t solve, Ave.” she said, smiling warmly.

“You guys. Better watch out your tongue.” Lexi said suddenly, craning her neck to look at the glass of the entrance, “Speak of the devil, and the devil shall come.”

You have got to be kidding me.

We heard the clinking of bells from the entrance and the door opened.

“Oh, great.” Cassie muttered. 

Warner strode into the room and went automatically for the jewelries section as if he already planned his agenda for going here.

“Should I hide?” I asked both of my friends.

“Don’t.” they said in unison. Cassie continued, “Let’s see what he came here for.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Case. Maybe to buy something?” Lexi said sarcastically but Cassie wasn’t thrown off and kept her gaze locked on the subject, “You’ll never know. Maybe he’s a gangster and we can turn him in and he’ll finally stop annoying people.” I covered my mouth with my hand to keep from laughing out loud. Warner? Gangster? It rhymes, now that I notice, but still. The idea seemed really funny.

“I don’t think that’s it, Case.”

“Yeah,” Lexi joined in. “Maybe it’s just me, but he’s buying that necklace. That costs an arm and a leg.”

“He has insane allowance.” I informed them.

“But he’s buying for a girl,” Cassie said, puzzled. “Why the hell is he buying something like that for a girl?”

“I thought he had me commitment,” Lexi mused, looking at him. Then she turned o me for explanation.

“He doesn’t, trust me. He thinks that any human being that has two X chromosomes and a skirt will think that he’s extremely hot.” 

“He is kind of hot. I mean, he has a good sense of fashion. I actually think he can wear rags and pull it off. But then there’s this tiny little part about his ego.” Lexi said. There’s nothing small about that guy’s egotistic nature. As he waited for the cashier to give him his change, we heard him say, “You can keep the change.”

Wait. Have I gone blind or is I just me that I saw him give – 

“Why the hell would he let them keep the change when he gave – ” Cassie cut off Lexi, saying, “I know. That’s really creepy.” The person in question walked back to where he came from and vanished from sight. If it hadn’t been for the racks of dresses and gowns, he would’ve seen me. Thank you, fabrics.

“Do you think it’s for Athena?” I wondered out loud. 

“Nuh-uh.” said Lexi. Cassie also said in support, “I don’t think so. If he would get something for her, it should be more…I really don’t have the right word.”

“Vulgar?” Lexi tried.

“Beauty queen-like?” I said, “Not that she looks like one. I mean, she does look like it…in a way.”

“In a wrong way.” said Cassie as we burst out laughing. We heard Nicole’s voice then, “…absolutely fantastic! And I have a gold wristband at home; you can borrow it, if you like.” They stepped in front of us and paused.

“Did we miss something?” Theresa managed to ask.

“We definitely did.” Nicole said excitedly. 

“You won’t believe what happened.” Cassie immediately rushed up to the both of them, “Guess who was here about a second ago?”

As Cassie told them about our strange encounter, I had no idea that a simple thing as a school dance has the potency to change my whole life. Maybe even destroy it.

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