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Chapter 29: Toward the end

Chapter 29: Toward the end (Wattpad)

Part I: 

I blinked my eyes open and drew the blanket higher up to my chin. I seemed to be half-asleep, but my mind persistently whispered to me that a blanket was out of place. Odd. The sunlight streaming through the windows did a bit of disorientation to my eyes, but then my mind shouted that a window is definitely off set. Groaning sleepily, I rubbed my eyes and tried to make sense of my surroundings.

My bedroom.

I slowly sat up and looked around. Next, I looked at myself and tried to remember if I put on the nightgown I was wearing. Surely, I did wear that. But the funny thing is, I can’t recall at all. How the hell can I not remember if I wore something or not?

I suddenly heard a soft knocking and I said in a sleepy voice, “Come in.” I wasn’t at all surprised when Mom came in, smiling pleasantly. What caught me off guard was the tray of food she was carrying.

“Breakfast in bed?” I asked good-humoredly as she approached me with a chuckle. She had her hair in a bun today, so that must mean that she has to go to the bank. I sat up gingerly as she set the tray in front of me. 

“We figured that you’ll be really groggy and grumpy when you wake up, so your Dad prepared this.” 

I blinked. “Dad?” I looked at the toast, sunny side-up and bacon that looks just perfect. I somehow find that hard to believe. “Dad made this?” I asked for the second time. Mom nodded her response and added, “I made your juice.” I looked at the orange juice beside the plate and smiled at her, “Thanks, Mom. And I’m not grumpy.” I chuckled.

“You were asleep when Travis dropped you back; your Dad had to carry you up the stairs.” She smiled at the memory. I imagined my soft-natured father carrying me all the way to my bedroom. “Is he okay?” I laughed.

“He’s fine. And about your school dance for tonight – what will you wear?” she had her eyebrows up and I quickly went to the defense before she harbors any ideas, “Remember the dress from last Friday?” Realization dawned on her and she nodded approvingly. “I won’t be home until later tonight, okay? Just rest or you’ll pass out in front of everyone when you go dancing.” Then she smiled. “Have fun, Ave. See you later.”

“Bye, Mom.” She kissed my forehead lightly and smiled at me one last time before going out.

I faced the tray of food and took a sip from the juice. So, I fell asleep; mystery solved. As I started to eat my breakfast, I thought of the day ahead. I find it uncomfortably strange that I have nothing to do but wait for tonight. But at that moment, I didn’t think much about anything except the fun I hill have at the event and how everyday seems to be an occasion of some sort.

But tonight has far more in store for me, and everyone I held dear.

Part II:

It’s six-thirty pm. For some parts of the morning and the whole of afternoon, I tried to fill up my day with activities right after I prepared for the upcoming event tonight. I tried to watch the television after taking a bath but gave up quickly after being bored to tears. I honestly don’t know how people stand to watch others do some drama on the screen. 

I read two pocketbooks in a row and called my friends, deciding that we should meet inside the school gym where the school dance is being held for maybe atleast, ten minutes before it starts. I gave them my okay to them and as I placed the receiver back to its place, I remembered biting my lip and wondering what to do next. Dad insisted on taking a nap and I walked upstairs like a zombie, intending to do just that, but I didn’t expect a simple nap to last atleast six hours. 

“Two kings.” Dad muttered, putting two cards on the table between us and took a bite of his toast.

“Bluff?” I guessed, holding my breath. He heaved a great sigh and upturned his cards, which were certainly not kings and added both to his deck. “I’m not a good liar.” 

I laughed. “I got that from you, then.” I finished the toast on my right hand and shuffled my cards and resumed the game with a pair of threes.

We’ve been playing for thirty minutes straight while eating toast. I already beat Dad five times, much to my amusement. I was waiting for his turn when he said, “I quit.”

I burst out laughing at the defeated look on his face. “Come on, Dad. One more round?”

“Not a chance.” He shook his head, albeit smiling. He said gruffly, “Why don’t you go and get dressed and put on your make-up or something?”

“I don’t do make-up.” I remarked as I arranged the whole deck of cards and put it on a small box.

“I still want to see you in that new dress of yours before you go clubbing.”

“Dancing, not clubbing, Dad. Seriously, I don’t even go near clubs.” I rolled my eyes  as he looked at me with in endearment and he said, “Sorry, honey. So why don’t you prepare a fashion show for me?”

“I’m on it.” I jumped to my feet and went up the stairs to my bedroom, taking note of my appearance at once on the mirror of my cabinet. No more eyebags – not bad. I took the dress and removed it from the hanger and began taking off my clothes and pulled the dress over my head. It actually feels fine, and I don’t look really bad at all. The white swirling designs are very nice to look at and – oh no. I twisted my torso around and looked at the complicated strings on my back, still untied.

I can’t believe I’ve forgotten it was a criss-crossing type of silly dress. I carefully reached back and tightened the two strings and tied it like a ribbon. I combed my hair until it’s ridiculously smooth and shiny before putting on topaz earrings and a simple necklace with fine chains. I didn’t bother with any ring as I looked at the one I’m wearing. Without being aware of it, I smiled at the name painted on the ring. 

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The real challenge was the heels. I stared at the three-inch…thing, and wondered if I might break my ankle or fall flat on my face. I debated for five more minutes before finally grabbing them and putting them on.

I took a deep breath and faced the mirror. I look...different and strangely normal at the same time. Different because I feel, tall. The black heels did a lot of work, I admit. But I saw some people wear more outrageous outfits than this, so I feel normal. As normal as I can be, anyway. I didn’t put anything on my face save for a lip gloss and I got my matching black pouch, which I filled with my wallet, temporary cellphone, and a few other necessities. 

Finally I went out to the hall and found Dad waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

“You look wonderful.” I walked down with care and kissed him lovingly on the cheek. “You’re biased as Mom, but thank you.”

He laughed, “I’m not biased, you’re too hard on yourself.” Then he escorted me to the door and gave me a really tight hug. “Have fun ‘til you can’t breathe, okay? You’re only in highschool once.” I giggled as he pulled back, “Yes, and thank God for that.” 

He gave me one last kiss on the head and a smile. Before I went out into the night, I blew him our trademark flying kiss.

The kiss that meant one of us will be away from quite some time.

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