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Chapter 11: Beneath the surface

Chapter 11: Beneath the surface (Wattpad)

It’s dismissal time.

My life is over. I’m doomed. 

After that incident, gossips have been spreading like wildfire. Even bloody teachers have been asking me how things were going between us and I can’t – they’re teachers! They’re supposed to be minding their own business! Everywhere I go, people would give me awestruck looks like they’re seeing a god or something of the sort, which is not fun, I’m telling you. It’s worse than the genius trash.

I was walking with my friends and I was aware of the awkward tension in the air, but they talked and acted as if nothing out of the usual happened during lunch. And here I am, in a bubble, disconnected from the rest of the world. I can’t believe that happened. My mind was still somehow refusing to accept the fact. It seemed like everything was a blur and we never even smoothed things out so I have no idea what to do, how to act. Damn it. 

We reached the parking lot and Lexi and the others were still chatting when we heard the awkward greeting from behind.

Travis was there, looking uncomfortable and uncertain. I haven’t seen him since lunchtime and… and nothing. He said sheepishly, “So, uhm, guys, I think you know now that, uhm… Can I borrow Avery for just one second please?”

“Yeah,” Lexi said, staring. “Sure.”

Okay, this is it, the opportunity to smooth things over. He grabbed my hand and led me far away from my friends as possible, but unfortunately, people were lingering around, hoping to hear something interesting. Good God, aren’t they satisfied? Without letting go of my hand, he stopped in front of a Volvo and faced me.

“So, uhm, would you like to be my girlfriend for a while?”

Someone must really hate me somewhere and used witchcraft against me. Or even maybe supernatural means of revenge for something I’ve done unsuspectingly and asked – 

“Do you always do that when you freak out?”

“Huh? No.” What did he say?

He pursed his lips to keep from smiling and shook his head, “You’re such a lousy liar.”

“That’s a good thing. Lying is bad.” Then I looked at my friends engaged in a conversation with William Ricks, “Which reminds me of what we’re doing in this hell of a situation.” His other hand grasped mine and he said, “I had no idea you were having some problems.”

This day is evil. I’m having an awkwardly normal conversation with him, for God’s sake. I wanted to shake my hands out of his but truth be told, it feels nice. 

Forget I said that. Seriously.

I took a deep breath and raised my face up to his, “Just…no attachment, okay? And we’re not going to act all mushy with each other.”

“Yes, of course!” he grinned at me happily. “Whatever you like.”

At last, there is one thing he’s agreeing with. I heaved a sigh of relief and started to back away, removing my hands from his touch, “Okay, so tomorrow will be hell for me, so I should – ”

“Wait,” he caught my wrist and smiled alluringly, “Why don’t we start now?” How the hell can he act like there are no people gaping at us?

“I’m tired. Do you know how much stress and delusions you put me through after that paper conversation?” He didn’t even answer me and just raised his free hand to smooth my hair. I fought the shiver that went through me and said, “Will you please stop doing that?” I twisted my head away and looked at his face, and it was evident that he was enjoying. 

“Why? I’ve always liked your hair; it’s like dark chocolate.”

“It’s boring.”

“Well, then, why don’t you try to let it loose for once? You always braid it.” 

“I prefer it that way, you do you even care?”

“I’m just curious what you’ll look like when you unbraid it.” An awkward silence followed and he said hesitantly, “So, uhm, what’s your favorite color?”

I laughed out loud, “You really don’t have to go through the torture of actually knowing me.”

“Why not?” he chuckled, exposing the dimple on his right cheek, “I think you’re nice. So what’s your favorite color?”

“Blue.” I said unthinkingly, looking at his eyes.

Fuck. My favorite color is red.

He raised an eyebrow, smiling widely. “Really? Mine’s caramel.” 

Aaargh. Stupid colors. “Shut up. And stop smiling like that. I want to go home.” I started walking away, but he followed on my heels. 


“Yes, do you have one?”

“Actually I have plenty.” He still followed me and I started looking for my friends. Where the hell are they? “I only have two homes. And where the hell is Cassie?”

“Really?” I heard him say behind me, “Where’s the other one?”

“Raleigh, North Carolina. And where are they?” 

“You’re a country girl?” he said in a surprised voice and I couldn’t help but turn around. I sighed in exasperation, “I just said it. Please tell me why that insignificant fact is so hard to believe.”

“It just is.” He shrugged, “You like Harry Potter, don’t you? Want a movie marathon this weekend?” 

Weekend. There’s something about that – oh, God. I did a little facepalm. 

“What’s wrong?” he said, gently shaking my shoulders, “Don’t you want a marathon?” 

“I told my friends that you’re taking me out this weekend and just. Hell. Forget it.”

“That’s great! So, what time do I pick you up?”

Pick – oh my God.

“No, no! It’s fine. You don’t have to – ”

“You sure? It would be fun.” He urged, smiling perfectly. “I’m sure, just – just do what you’re normally doing on weekends, Trav –Warner. Travis.” I amended, seeing his expression. Out of curiosity, I looked behind my back and saw a bunch of people ogling at us. And another bunch, and another…

Didn’t they even see two people talking to each other before? They’re getting annoying. 

Travis said, “They look like they want to replay the cafeteria scene.” He smiled down at me. Hell, no.

“Kiss them, not me. I’m going home.” Figuring that Cassie and the others already went without me, I walked away from the school, leaving Travis behind me. But I heard him holler, “Love you, honey!”


This is not healthy, it’s just starting and I’m already acting like a lunatic and saying nonsense things – and my favorite color is absolutely red, without a speck of blue on it.

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