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Chapter 8: For sale

Chapter 8: For sale (Wattpad)

I must’ve entered another dimension this morning. There’s no other explanation for this phenomenon. That must be it. Other dimensions do exist. I calmly wrote my reply, 

That joke was funny. Better than your pick-up lines, actually. And I think you were possessed by some evil spirit before going to school.

His reply made me catch my breath.

I’m serious, Avery. I need a girlfriend. And I mean, now.

My eyebrows drew together and I looked at him. I raised an eyebrow that was both skeptical and questioning at the same time but instead of answering, he got the piece of paper from me and started writing. I went back to my notebook and almost laughed out loud. I wonder how I’ll go back to my own dimension or if it’s a matter of willpower. Probably both. 

It was a few more minutes and a lot more information on genetics later when he gave me his reply. It was in a paragraph and it said, 

This is me, Travis. I’m not an evil spirit, And snap out of it, Avery. Whatever scientific skirmish you’re thinking right now, stop it. I said it wrong – what I meant was I need you to pretend to be my girl. Just for a couple of months. I really, really need this, please? I’ll beg on my knees if that’s what you want, I’m desperate.

I think I just came back to my own dimension with a few details misinterpreted. I shook my head in disbelief. I feel disconnected from my body, to be frank. I feel numb – like a ghost. Of course, I have no idea what being a ghost felt like, but just had a near-death experience right then so, close enough. I wrote back to him,

I thought you have a girlfriend? A real one, I mean.

I sort of expected what his answer would be, but I was still surprised to see it.

I don’t. Just say yes, please.

Gah. The disconnected-from-the-body-feeling was starting to go away, replaced by the harsh reality. 

What about Athena? Ask her, not me.

You don’t understand. Please just tell me that you’re okay with it and I’ll explain.

Okay with it? What the – okay to pretend to be with him? That’s like taking a bath using a gasoline and lighting a match in the bathroom. And isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? The decision after the situation, right? Or did I do some time travel and things are just different in the future? That would be more sensible. And I really prefer time travel to dimensions – the idea of alternate universes kind of makes me small and hey, did you know that Einstein said – Warner pushed the now-crumpled piece of paper in my hand and I read it.

You’re doing it again. Snap out of it.

I sighed from the very depths of my being and wrote of the only thing I could think of answering in return, 

Let’s talk later. And I’m not saying yes now, okay?

So you’re going to say yes later?

Aaargh. Whatever dimension or timeline I am in, he is still that annoying.

LATER. Talk to me LATER. 

You’re a lifesaver.

He is so irritating! I didn’t say the bloody yes! Jesus Christ, this day just gets better and better.

45 minutes later 


“You didn’t even let me – ”

“Whatever it is, no.”

“Come on, Avery, please?”

I finally turned around and faced him. It’s a free period – we rarely get free periods so I was looking forward to spending it with Cassie and the others but aaargh. He’s always in the way. We were in the hallway and people’s eyes were on us as we walked past. That’s another reason not to like being around the Boy E – people always stare at him. And there’s nothing even worth staring! Okay, there is. 

“Of all the female population in the school, why the hell are you asking me?”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you but you wouldn’t let me!”

“Fine! Go on, tell me.” I punctuated that with crossing my arms over my chest. I just want to get to Cassie. I need to tell them this and probably I’ll get my explanation for this erroneous work of nature. Or maybe he had retrograde amnesia and lost some of his memories?

“Oh, thank God. Come here. I’ll explain.” He yanked my arm with an intensely relieved expression on his face and led me towards an empty classroom through the crowd of people.

“I said tell me, not drag me. You have some hearing problems, Warner – ”

“Travis. I told you to call me Travis. I call you Avery and you call me Travis.” My mind was still wrapping up on the undeniable fact that he just demanded – yes! demanded! – me to do something. He is so infuriating. He shut the door and turned the lights on, without breaking his stride, he walked to the teacher’s desk and pushed me to sit. He stood in front of me.

“Okay.” He said, running a hand through his hair. “First of all, I’m in a little bit of trouble. I’m panicking, actually and I don’t know why this just has to happen to me when I did nothing wrong – ”

“Stop the drama. What do you need me for?”

He took a deep breath, “My parents are nosy,” Well, we have that in common, “And they talked to me yesterday. I thought it was nothing but God. Was it really something. My Dad, he’s terrifying and he jumped at me and said that he wants to meet my girlfriend and I know he has high expectations from me – hell, everyone does – but I don’t have a girlfriend! I don’t bloody want one. You know me, I don’t have commitment.” 

He looked at me, his eyes searching for an answer while I just sat still, in some kind of trance. “Right, Avery?” I nodded soundlessly, and then he continued his rant. 

“I know people here have been thinking about me and Athena but I can’t let her meet my Dad. He’ll kill me! Not that Ena isn’t nice; it’s just that she’s not my parents’ taste.” He looked at me, his look imploring me and it’s glaringly obvious that he’s implying something. I said hesitantly, “What’s your parents’ taste, then?” 

He bit his lip and responded, “They like smart people.”


Oh, dear.

I slowly stood up in my chair and said, “Well. That was a nice chat. So, I’ll juts,” I cleared my throat, edging away from him, “I’ll just see you around.” I took a step backward. “Bye, Travis.”

“Wait! Don’t go – I need you Avery, please?” He took a step towards me and I stuttered, “Cassie is waiting for me, I should go. Oh! Look at the time,” I said, glancing at the wall clock at the back of the room, not noticing that it wasn’t working, “Time flies by so fast – ”

“Avery, you’re the only one who can save me. I’m begging you, please?”

“There are other nicer people around; all you have to do is look. As for me, I’m in a bit of a rush so I can’t – ” He caught my wrist and gripped it like it was a lifeline. By the look on his face, it probably is. He held both of my hands and looked in my eyes, “I’m begging you. And I don’t even beg!” he added with a slightly hysterical tone in his voice, “Do you want me to kneel?”

“No! Don’t kneel…don’t, don’t…Oh, God.”

He was kneeling.

I stared at him and he looked back with deep desperation etched to his features, “Please?” No! This is not happening! Why the hell am I feeling guilty?! 

“I can’t! We’re not even close – ”

“We are! We are close! Pleeease?”

“Don’t make me feel guilty!”

That was the wrong thing to say.

His eyes widened and he gripped my hands tighter, “Tell me, is it okay for you to have that in your conscience and knowing you could have done otherwise?”

“Otherwise? I can’t do anything – ”

“Yes, you can!”

“I can’t!”

“I’ll pay you if you want!”

“I’m not for sale!”


He stood abruptly an now he’s inches from my face. Face. Oh, God. I don’t like this. His Mediterranean eyes were pleading silently and I said apologetically, “I’m sorry, but I can’t. I have no idea how I can – and I don’t – I’m supposed to hate you, okay? Not feel sorry and help you out.” 

“No! You’re too nice to hate someone – ”

“You were the bane of my existence, okay? Can’t you grasp that? You always have been.”


“You said ‘were’ as in past tense.” he scrutinized me.

Jesus. This is insanity.

“I meant – it’s so hard to explain – will you just take three steps back, please?”

“You’re blushing.” He said in an awestruck voice as he removed one of his hands from mine and touched my cheek softly. Oh, no.

“Please don’t – don’t touch me – I really have to go now, okay? Just go – get the hell away from me. I don’t owe you anything.” I pulled away and ran to the door.

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