Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chapter 6: Helping hand

Chapter 6: Helping hand (Wattpd)

 “You sure about that, Avery?”

“Yes, why? Is there something wrong?”

My friend on the other line had no hesitations on how to answer, “There’s nothing wrong at all. It makes perfect sense but it’s just that I tried to solve it thirteen times and I never ended up with your answer.” 

“It’s fine, Will. I’ll help you tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much.”

“No problem.”

“Oh, wait. Why can’t I contact you yesterday?”

“I had my phone turned off, sorry.”

“No, it’s fine! Thank you again. Bye.”

“Bye, Will.”

I pushed a key on my phone and cut off my conversation with William Ricks. He’s actually a nice pal, and he’s really adorable when he asks me how to do this, how to solve that, yadda yadda.” I grabbed my book from under my pillow and walked to the cabinet. I arranged it with a pile of others and debated on what to read next. Rowling? I read the series five times already, so no. Tolstoy? Nah, too lengthy. Austen?         

I bit my lip and played with the hem of my t-shirt. My hair was down and my attire was for bedtime already, but I want to read. I opened the windows slightly to let some night breeze in my bedroom, even though I was wearing shorts. I finally decided and took Pride and Prejudice from the small shelf inside the cabinet and shut it tightly.

I’ve read it before, of course, but whatever.

I settled myself on the sheets, placing the blanket higher up to my waist and leaning my back on the headboard. I haven’t even read the first word on the book when I heard my phone beep once. Oh, God. I bet it’s another person to ask help for the complex assignment. 

I unlocked the phone with my security code – bamboo. Yeah, I know. Boring. But no one would really know that unless they know me really well. I went to the inbox and read the message.

It’s from Athena.

The text read, Hey Avery. It’s Athena Larsen, but you know that, don’t you? Travis certainly talked about me since you’re both seatmates. So, anyway. I was hoping whether you can give me a reviewer or just make one for the upcoming test on Friday? I really need it. Thanks!

I stared my phone in absolute shock. What am I? Her puppet? After insulting me she orders me to listen to her like I’m some sort of  aaargh. All I want is to read my book in peace. I need quiet and solitude and now I can’t –

My phone beeped again and I felt it vibrating against my palm. I sighed and opened the message. It’s from Will, and he’s asking the same thing as well, only he said it in a more decent way. He said specifically history test.

I’ll just make two of the damned reviewers. Two ages would suffice. I got my planner – a Harry Potter planner, no less – from my side on the lampshade and started scribbling on my to-do list tomorrow. But I paused. I unlocked my phone again and looked at Athena’s massage.

What bloody test was she talking about? 

There’s a flood of tests on Friday and I can’t possibly make one for every single subject because I – hell. 

I pressed reply and started typing in with both thumbs, What test? We have a lot for Friday.

I placed my phone on my side after sending together with my planner. Just read, Avery. Read. I was on the second page when my phone vibrated again. Athena’s reply was – 

Who is this?

What the – is she bloody kidding me? I gritted my teeth in frustration. If she’s going to ask for a favour like that, she should atleast know who she’s asking for the damned help and certainly not forgetting about them in a blink of an eye.

It’s Avery, I texted furiously. I didn’t add anything else and just pressed send. She should just get with Warner and migrate somewhere far away. I returned to the book, hoping to lose myself in another world before reality would come crashing down on me. My state of anger slowly ebbed away, but about a minute later, my phone beeped again. I composed myself this time before opening the message. 

I have no doubt that it would be her apologizing and as well as the demands that would fill the text. It read, Oh gosh! So sorry, Avery! I was busy calling Travis and I thought we were somebody else. Somebody else? She thought I was a complete nobody! Irritation overwhelmed me. And I don’t care about her and bloody Warner.  And about the reviewer – I need the one for history. Thank you again!

I hate them both.

“Avery, honey?”

I heard a rapping on my bedroom door and I called out, “Yes, Mom.” The door opened and she came in with her pajamas, reading for sleeping as well. 

“I just wanted to talk to you about something.” She closed the door gently and went to sit beside me. I was still simmering about the reviewer issue so I put my cellphone under my pillow to avoid any reminders.

“What’s up, Mom?”

She pursed her full, pink lips before smiling, “It’s not really important. It’s just something your Dad wouldn’t understand.” 

Dad is my best buddy in the whole world but there are some things he wouldn’t understand. I blinked once, “So what is it?” She gave me a reassuring grin and said, “I know that you really don’t have a boyfriend.”

Not that again. Isn’t this just my lucky day? With Warner on Bio and in the damned shop, then Athena and now this. I hate this day. I can’t even begin to describe how much.

“I know that you know, Mom.” 

“Yes. I was just wondering if by any chance, you really want one.”

What? “Want what?” She chuckled and said as though it was really obvious, “A boyfriend, silly.” 

I stared at her weirdly, quite shocked. Has my mother been possessed in the past hour or something? “Uhm, Mom? I don’t do relationships.” 

“I was just wondering. You’re seventeen, Ave.” she shrugged.

“I know, Mom. Someone hasn’t caught my eye yet.” 

She exhaled a little breath and bit her lip, then she held up her hand and stroked it through my hair. “All you do when you go home is to study and read – not that I don’t like what you’re doing. Your Dad and I just want you to enjoy. Hang out with your friends more – ”

“I hang out today. Just today – ”

“And I heard from Cassie that you’re not planning to go the school dance.”


“Mom. I like what I’m doing. It’s fine.”

“Are you sure?”

No. Not really.

“Yes, Mom. It’s really fine. Don’t worry.”

She mussed my hair then. “Okay, darling. Goodnight.” 

“’Night, Mom.”

She switched the light off and I heard her go out that door. This day is really screwing with my mind. And things don’t even screw my mind. I placed my Austen book on the table beside the bed and settled under the covers. I shut my eyelids close and thought about tomorrow. 

I’m sure it would be better than today. How the hell can it not be?

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