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Chapter 14: Getting along

Chapter 14: Getting along (Wattpad)

5 hours later

“I don’t really think blue is my color.” Theresa mused in front of me. I was still in disbelief as I tried to grasp that my friends and I are having lunch with Travis. Edward isn’t around, but still. He’s eating with my best friends. And we’re sharing a table – with him. And that they get along like they’ve been friends forever when we didn’t even like him before and called him names. 

“I think you look nice in blue,” Travis praised Theresa from across the table, “But you could always try a deeper shade.” He smiled winningly as she muttered, “Yeah. Yeah I should.” 

Conversations buzzed around me and I stared at my lunch tray, seeing nothing. What the hell is happening? “You should eat.” Travis said to my right and he grabbed the apple from my tray and held it near my mouth, “Go on, take a bite. You look pale.”

Without thinking, I took a bite and chewed. This is not happening. I must have dozed off in class and just dreaming. 

“Does Avery act like this all the time?” I distinctly heard him ask my friends.

“Yeah.” They all replied in unison, then Cassie, “It will pass. She’s in a state of shock.”

That’s an understatement. I’m still trying to process what’s happening.

I felt Travis’ gaze on me and he put an arm around my shoulder, “Avery?” he shook me slightly, “You should eat properly or you’ll end up looking like Sarah.” He turned to my friends again and said, “What do you think I should say to her?”

“Tell her that her favorite astronomer is here.” Nicole tried.

“Tell her you’re breaking up with her.” Lexi said.

“Just tell her you’re gay.” Cassie said as everyone on the table laughed out loud. Travis was still chuckling as he said, “I’m not gay and I’ll try the second.”

They’re laughing. How in the name of God did this happen?

“Avery? If you’re not going to eat, I’m going to break – ”

“No, you’re not.” I sprang to life and faced him with a scowl, “You’re not, aren’t you?” Wait. I’m so confused here. We’re not technically together, but then we are pretending that we are, and he’s pretending to break up with me so… he’s not really breaking up with me? 


“Of course not.” He grinned hugely. “Why the hell would I?”

Now I’m beyond confused. 

For the whole duration of lunchtime, I managed to be attentive to the others as we ate slash had fun with each other. It was actually not that bad, considering our past history with Travis and a smile seemed to be permanently etched to my face now. I never would have thought that I would live to experience this. 

“Do any of you have any idea that it’s already five minutes before the bell rings?”

All of them groaned, even my “boyfriend.” Lexi said, “Avery, you keep us coming back to the real world.” 

“We should have some more fun. Five minutes is a long time.” Theresa shrugged, smiling.

“Guys, I get you.” I said to them, “I’m enjoying, too and all. But we have to – ”

“Actually, Avery and I are going out today. So, we’d really love to stay here, but we really need to rush because – ” I interrupted him with a bewildered look, “What the hell – ”
“What the hell are you two still doing here, then?” Cassie demanded. 

“We are not going out. We have a Pop quiz – ”

“We’re definitely going out.” Travis said with a bright smile on his face.

“You need to rush, right?” Nicole asked as all of them gathered their belongings. Lexi and Theresa said together, “So, go.” 

Travis grabbed his bag and the package from his Mom and gripped my waist tightly and led me out of the place. He waved back to my friends, “See you!” 

“What are you doing?!” 

“I told you I have plans for us today.” He continued walking me to the lengthy hallways and I complained, “Where exactly are we – ”

“Here.” He opened to the door to his right and waited for me to come in. My feet stayed rooted to the spot. I can’t go in! And it’s not just my dramatic side or something hindering me physically – he’s asking me to go in a boy’s bathroom!

“In, Avery.” He said impatiently. I was jolted back to reality and with every fiber of my being screaming in protest, my legs carried me inside the bathroom. He didn’t waste precious time and went inside as well and shut the door and locked it. 

Why did I let myself in here?

“Travis? I really don’t – ”

“We’re going to be out in a moment.” He settled his bag to the counter in front of the mirror and grabbed my things placing them there as well, then he said, “I have to change clothes.” He winked, “Wanna watch?”

“No, thank you.” I tried to stop my cheeks from burning. “And that’s not exactly the point. We’re not allowed – ”

“We?” He looked at me, raising an eyebrow. I sighed and said, “I mean, I. I’m not allowed in here.” He didn’t respond and started taking off his shirt.

“Do you really have to do that in front of – okay, nevermind.” I turned myself around and faced the boring wall. “You know, this is totally out of bounds, and I’m sure we’ll be facing sanctions and everything when we get caught by – ”

Suddenly, his hand covered mine and he cut off my tirade. My eyes were wide and I felt his hard body against my back. I heard him whisper, “Shh.” Then I heard the voices outside.

“Dude, I heard a girl. Seriously – ”

“I heard the gal, too. Should we…” 

Travis cursed harshly from behind me and he grabbed our bags, all of our belongings and opened a bathroom stall at random. My mind was still whirling in confusion as he locked both of us in and stuffed our things on top of the tank and he covered the toilet and sat down. He wrapped her arms around my waist and said, “Sit down – ”

“What?!” I shrieked. Then he forcibly jerked me down and he said, “Shh. Lift your feet so they won’t see.” 

I whispered, “You’re shirt – ”

“Fuck my shirt.” He whispered back, “Your feet.”

I lifted my feet, wrapping my hands around my knees and leaning far away as possible from his naked torso. Shit. He has abs. 

“What are you looking at?” he smiled slyly. Blushing furiously, I responded, “Nothing,” I grumbled, “Your ego’s as big as Russia.” I grumbled as we heard the door swing open and footsteps filled the bathroom.

“I swear I heard her, Nate.” 

“I know you did, idiot.”

They continued bickering and I sat on Travis’ lap, breathing heavily. Without saying anything, he tightened his arms around me and my gaze drifted to his six-pack. 

“You can stare as long as you like.” He whispered in my ear. 

I shivered and couldn’t respond properly. I was hyperventilating and my heart was pounding like crazy. Something seemed to be stuck in my throat. 

He kissed my cheek slowly, “You’re blushing like hell.” 

“Don’t you dare.” I said in a throaty whisper as his lips skimmed towards my mouth. His lips were so soft and captivating and his scent was intoxicating. Like mint. I felt like melting honey. But he turned away at the last possible moment. 

“As you wish.” He smiled.

Damn. And to think that they call me genius. 

Oh, no. Wait. That was out of line. Forget I said that. Seriously, forget I said that. This situation is definitely messing up my sense of propriety.

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