Saturday, April 28, 2012


Epilogue (Wattpad)


Travis had been living with it a year now, after that drastic chain of events took place for the both of them. A whole year, yet Travis had never let go, never forgot. And he never will.

He stared at the same decrepit white wall. White is the color for purity, yet the hue seemed to mock at him everytime. But it was better than looking at the ring on his finger. He never removed it, but it only causes sheer torture when he gives it the slightest glance.

Everyone was petrified when they found out. And they all blamed him for everything. Every single thing. The burning expressions from everyone as they looked at Avery through the small glass door were agony to him. Every single one of them put the blame on his shoulders; her parents, her friends, and her family all looked at him differently. They sent him silent, but hurt, angry and betrayed looks.

Right after everyone had found out, Travis’ world shattered like brittle glass. Evidences point that Avery, while still being held captive, got hold of the rapist’s knife and stabbed him multiple times – forty-two times. She’d been unconscious in the hospital for many days; days where every loved one visited, took care and guarded over her. But when Travis walks in, the tension in the air rises, speaking louder than words. Everyone prayed that she would wake up.

When she did, they regretted every prayer.

A psychiatrist said that this was normal, but to Travis’ mind, it’s not. She would come back to him, surely. She would, wouldn’t she? 

But two days later, they transferred her to the asylum. She kept screaming every single day and she would not let any male approach her – only Travis.

He didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse. Every person who attempts to go near her to talk or calm her down – even her parents – always comes out hurt and injured and she shouted at them. Only he could come on her and when he did, she would bury herself in his arms and succumb to heartbreaking tears, murmuring nonsensical words over and over. 

They had so much love together, but so little time. He’d do anything he could to give them more time. Anything. She had her whole life ahead of her and yet she’s here. Slowly wilting. Not even in control of her mind. This shouldn’t have happened to her. A person like her deserves more, so much more.

She deserves to be happy, secure and everything good in the world. She should be with him.

But she isn’t. She’s here. 

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